Pamukkale Dining Room

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Product Details

  • Pamukkale Dining Room, which attracts all eyes with its elegantly shaped chairs and table, exhibits an impressive stance with its characteristic console that stands out with its circular shaped mirror.
  • Discover Pamukkale Dining Room now, with its elegance rising with chrome details dominated by light colors.
  • The console, which creates a wide area of use for dinnerware and presentation accessories, is also positioned as an elegant decoration item.
  • The chairs, which stand out with their matte black leg parts on wood, meet the expectations of comfort at a high level.
  • The service life is increased with the dampening shock absorbers used in the covers.
  • The table top is 18 mm thick and produced with 1st quality painted MDF, the table thickness is reinforced with 25 mm painted MDF thickening parts.
  • It is a fixed table.
  • The edges of the table are rounded, and there is a space for the black painted tempered glass in the middle of the table.
  • High-strength polyester yarn and woven fabric are preferred for chair upholstery.
  • There are matte paint on wood and smoked coated material on the chair legs.
  • Tempered, black painted glass is used on the console top.
  • Console mirror is smoked colour.
Product Dimensions and Prices
PAMUKKALE DINING Width(in) Depth(in) Hight(in)  
Dining Table 76.8 37.8 30.3  
XL Dining Table-10 Person     30.3  
Dining Chair 19.7 17.7 33.9  
Buffet 86.6 18.9 34.6  
Mirror 39.4 48.0 0.0