Natura Dining Room

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  • Table: It is made of 18 + 18 mm thickened MDF. Our top plate is cnc engraved and painted. 4 mm smoked mirror is used for visual purposes. There is metal tensioning on the bottom face of the table to prevent the upper table from sagging. The bottom plate and pyramid-shaped thickenings on the feet are made of MDF. and painted. Chrome sibu is used on its feet. Fixed table.
  • Chair: The sponge should be covered with fabric. It is produced by polishing on solid beech material.
  • Buffet & Mirror: It is made of 25 mm single face mdf. Our console is cnc engraved and painted. Smoked sibu is used on our covers and on the right and left side tables. There is a brake next to our hinges. There is a 4mm smoked mirror on the top plate for visual purposes. Its legs are made of 25x25 metal profile and are specially chrome plated. To prevent the module from sagging, there is a metal tensioning on the lower surface of the lower table. Soft melamine coated particle board is used as mirror board. Mirror boards are hung on the wall with the help of cross-cut pieces.
  • You can clean your furniture by wiping it with a damp cloth. Protect from direct sunlight. Avoid prolonged contact of hot surfaces and water.
  • All parts are sent disassembled.

Product Dimensions and Prices

Chair 20.87" 37.01" 19.69" $299
Table 76.78" 30.32" 38.59" $1199
Buffet & Mirror 83.86" 78.35" 18.9" $1299