Loca Sectional Modular

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Product Details

  • Loca Corner Sofa, with its modular structure, can be easily configured according to different space dimensions and customized to personal preferences.
  • Its texture and ergonomics provide an impressive comfort experience, thanks to the use of high-quality materials.
  • Moreover, the stylish design of Loca Corner Sofa is enriched by color options and functional modules, making it an indispensable gathering point in your home.
  • Features advantages such as the built-in entertainment module, contactless charging unit and USB 3.0 port, which stand out with its 2+1 sound system, add functional privileges to Loca Corner Set.
  • Two glass holders, designed to accompany pleasant conversations, add value to the moments with their feature of preserving the beverage temperature.
  • Knitted jersey, laminated, velvet textured fabric is used in its upholstery.
  • It gets its durable structure from the beech timber used in its skeleton.
  • Composite structure was created by using 3 feather sponge on 12 cm soft sponge.
  • There are large main back cushions and lumbar support back cushions on the back part. Leg parts are made of painted wood.
  • Loca Corner Set: It is not suitable for cleaning methods such as cologne, wet towels or bleach that will damage the structure of the fabric. It is suitable to be cleaned with a damp cloth and fabric cleaner solutions.
  • www.weltew.com/uploads/2023/04/loca-bilgi-foyu.pdf

Product Dimensions

Left/Right Arm Single Seat Unit  39.4"  41.4"  28.4"
Armless Single Seat Unit  28.4"  41.4"  28.4"
Armless 2 Seat Unit  67.8"  41.4"  28.4"
Corner Module  39.4"  39.4"  28.4"
Entertainment Console Module  18"  41.4"  28.4"
Metal Armchair  27.6"  34"  32"