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  • Discover the Lycian sofa set, which combines earth tones with elegant and modern lines, and stands out with its practical and comfortable design.
  • The Lycian sofa set combines linen fabric, which reflects sportive elegance in the most pleasant way, with nubuck fabric, the representative of elegance. The sofa set, which gains an eye-catching look with its gold-detailed walnut legs and minimal honeycomb patterns, brings the sincere and warm atmosphere of earth tones to living spaces. The leather-like fabrics used on the base and arm sides form the complementary lines of this special design.
  • The Likya sofa set, which has 3-seater and 2-seat options, is designed using a movable back mechanism and superior HYBRID technology. You can use the chair as a single bed at any time or expand your seating area.
  • With the Likya sofa set, which brings the comfort of sitting to the top, you can achieve the comfort you dream of in your living spaces and crown your decoration.
  • Being a Bed Feature.
  • High Foot Structure Facilitating Cleaning.
  • Suitable for Robot Cleaning.
  • Being a Bed Feature.
  • Soft Fabric Texture.
  • Extra Session Comfort.
  • Relax Mechanism.

Product Dimensions and Prices

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