Penta Living Room

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Product Details

  • Add a unique touch to your living room with the Penta sofa set, where different colors, textures and patterns come together.
  • High Foot Structure Facilitating Cleaning.
  • The new Penta Sofa Set adds elegance to the look of your living space with its color options and details with traditional patterns. Standing out with its button quilted and flat quilted stitch designs on the armchairs, Penta sofa set offers modern and traditional styles together.
  • Penta sofa set; It is appreciated with its design features such as its throw pillows, walnut and black alternative legs, and color options. In addition to its design, it also allows you to create an environment where you can relieve the tiredness of the day with its cozy and comfortable structure. Thanks to its back cushions and comfortable seating area, the product group meets the expectations of people who want to find comfort and elegance together.
  • Penta sofa set also offers functional use for narrow spaces. The product, which allows you to store items that you do not use often with its chest feature, can also be used as a bed with its Zero-Wall mechanism. This helps you to offer a comfortable space for your guests.
  • Penta sofa set, which also offers ease of cleaning with its high leg structure, provides you with much more than a sofa set.
  • High Foot Structure Facilitating Cleaning.
  • Easy-to-Clean Fabric Feature.
  • Suitable for Cleaning Robot Use.
  • Being a Bed Feature.
  • Ability to Be a Crate.
  • Different Foot Alternative.

Product Dimensions and Prices

Bergere 31.89" 37.41" 32.29" $999
Loveseat 74.02" 30.32" 37.41" $1399
Sofa 93.71" 30.32" 37.41" $1799