Emirgan Kumsal Dining Room

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  • In general, the materials used in our set are the same as mink beige. The color of our model has changed to the color of the beach. (WE WILL CONTINUE AS TWO COLORS, MINING BEIGE AND BEACH). Our mirror colors are solid color for the dresser mirror panel module, and smoked color for the cabinet, dresser, console and table modules. Important changes were implemented in the MASA and SEHPA modules.
  • TABLE: 22mm painted mdf with cnc process is used on the upper table of the module. There is a smoked mirror for visual purposes on the right and left upper tables. Smoked colored strip plexiglass is used on the sides of the top table. Its legs are CNC machined painted wood. The table top can be extended by opening it in the middle.

Product Dimensions and Prices

Chair 21.26" 35.04" 23.63" $299
Table 64.57" 30.71" 35.44" $1199
Buffet & Mirror 81.89" 72.84" 19.3" $1299