Carmen Dining Room

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Discover the Carmen Dining Room, one of Weltew Home's newest, now. 
Carmen, which completes the dining room with its minimalistic table and chairs along with its
stylish mirror featuring LED lighting
Minimally shaped tables and chairs with its stylish LED-illuminated mirror;
Designed for those who cannot give up light colors in the dining room.

  • The top surface of the fixed table and the entire console are made from top-quality melamine-coated particle board.
  • Superfine MDF strip profiles are used on the center doors of the console.
  • The legs and handles are finished in brushed gold color.
  • Visual appeal is enhanced through the use of LED lighting on the mirror.
Product Dimensions and Prices
CARMEN DINING Width(in) Depth(in) Hight(in)  
Dining Table 63 35.8 30  
Dining Table XL 77 35.8 30  
Dining Chair 21.7 22.4 33.5  
Buffet 85.8 18.5 31.1  
Mirror 27.2 37.4 0.0